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The Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services Industry includes motor vehicle or equipment rental, farm animal or copyright leasing, property operators and real estate agencies.

Graph – Thriving Score for the Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services Industry over time

Industry Thriving Score: Progress over Time

Although just over 50% of workers in this industry feel their workplace is highly supportive of worker’s mental health and wellbeing, there has been a decline from 2020 to 2021 in the leadership and culture indexes. Increases in the connectedness, capability and policy indexes speak to a strong workforce of individuals.

One role of leadership is to set the organisation’s cultural tone, so this might be an opportune moment for a quick-win and to invest some time into leadership capabilities. This may be across difficult conversations, change management, or supportive leadership strategies that build and strengthen a positive work culture where workers feel valued and have clarity in the tasks they are expected to complete.

What can you do?

If you’re unsure where to start and would like to understand more about positive and strong leadership read our blog, The Art of Leadership or consider our positive leadership course.

This graph depicts the Thriving Score for the Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services Industry over time

Graph – Thriving Score for the Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services Industry over time

Elevate Your Leadership: Positive Strategies for Successful Teams
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Within this industry…


of workers have experienced a mental health condition* in the last 12 months
*Refer to Technical report notes


of workers feel their workplace is highly supportive of workers’ mental health and wellbeing


of workers plan to stay with their workplace for the next 12 months

Psychosocial Risk Profile

Psychosocial risks are workplace operations that increase stress and reduce mental wellbeing.
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Inappropriate workload


Low recognition


Poor change management


Poor management support


Low job control


Poor role clarity


Poor workplace relationships


Poor working environment


Traumatic events



Table – Psychosocial Risk Profile for Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services industry

Highest Psychosocial Risk

The highest psychosocial risk facing the Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services Industry is inappropriate workload.

How can you manage this risk?

Mak sure employees have appropriate workloads, providing employees with support and managing change effectively are areas of focus for this industry. Leaders play a vital role in this.

Consider implementing good job design, alleviating time pressures and job crafting, where there is inappropriate workload. For example, have:

  • Clear written guidelines and expectations for different levels of/roles in employment than are accessible
  • Opportunities to shadow leaders/experts in the field to learn and expand/refine and grow skillset
  • Regular reviews of workloads/expectations in alignment with reasonable strategic goals (quarterly, six-monthly and annually)
  • A clear understanding and documentation of protocols around process
  • Open communication and feedback with leadership in support of workloads and requirements
  • Opportunities to support and expand staff loads and/or personal direction balancing extended periods of long hours/weeks and/or irregular hours with shared vision and learning of boundaries/self-care/balance
  • Clearly defining how your values, strengths, and passions connect to what you do on a day-to-day basis.

When thinking about poor Change Management and/or low Management support, some areas to explore for the individual may be:

  • Managing what is in your control and actively seeking clarification from senior leaders or other experienced staff either in a one-on-one conversation or via written communication where you can properly digest and explore concepts
  • Learning to leave stress at work and detach through learning about our own stress response or stress in general
  • Engaging in practices such as mindfulness, yoga or another method that supports you
  • Clearly defining how your values, strengths, and passions connect to what you do on a day-to-day basis and exploring job crafting to align to these.

As a leader, some options around Change Management and/or Supportive Management may have you explore:

  • Realistic exploration of the organisation’s history, readiness and ability to change
  • Exploring who is best placed to help codesign and facilitate change
  • Involve every layer of the organisation and seek to include all leaders with the company vision, equipped to manage change and motivated to support the change
  • Create ownership and buy-in at all levels through identifying solutions to a shared vision
  • Increase communication and clarity to ensure all workers feel supported
  • Remember that although process is important, people matter. In-person and one-to-one conversations are supportive and appreciated.

Think about implementing new strategies where there is low recognition and poor role clarity. Through valuing each team member and recognising good work, each individual will feel more connected to the team and be able to see the boundaries of their role. Examples of this may be:

  • Celebrate KPI achievements e.g., weekly team meetings shout outs, certificates at end of month for ‘best of’, leader boards, lunch/coffee voucher or customised trophy
  • Aligning organisational values to team or individual recognition of achievements that reflect these values (monthly/quarterly)
  • Exploring employee ‘wellness days’ or sessions in support of individual wellbeing to also strengthen connectedness and culture. Included in this could be mindfulness sessions, massages, extended lunch breaks, fitness or yoga classes
  • Support new recruits with a buddy or more experienced team member to help with day to day expectations of the role, which also gives the new team member one point of reference for asking the many questions that come about from being new to a team
  • Ensure there are clear written role descriptions for reference and guidance.

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Real Care is a free mental health and wellness app specially designed by the real estate industry. It recognises the specific stresses and issues faced by agents and gives them the tools to manage anxiety, anger, physical health and finances.

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